Friday, February 22, 2019

Why you need to try the Wilson Clash

Kristianne Bontempo | Towpath Tennis Contributor

Let's talk Clash! What is it? How is it different? Why do I need to play with? How can I get my hands on one?
Now available for purchase & demo at Towpath Tennis Center.

What is the Wilson Clash?
Short answer: Wilson's new revolutionary racquet. Long answer: The Clash is not only Wilson's new buzz-worthy racquet, but its pushing boundaries with its innovative technology making a racquet that has both ultimate power AND control.

How does the Wilson Clash compare to other racquets?
The current carbon fiber racquets on the market right now are either suited toward control or power. The Clash has both! Wilson has worked its majic in creating Freeflex and Stablesmart technologies making the Clash twice as flexible as other racquets. And why do I want a more flexible racquet you might ask? Because it allows for longer 'pocketing' of the ball, so the racquet bends with each stroke for maximum power and control.

Why are there two versions of the Wilson Clash?
The Wilson Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour are designed with NO specs on the racquet. This was an intentional decision made to eliminate preconceived notions on a racquet before trying it. The main difference is in the weight, so make sure to demo both to find which works best with your game.

Who will want to play with the Wilson Clash?
Anyone looking for an arm-friendly racquet! If you didn't know comfort and speed could be combined in one racquet without too much shock on your arm, then you're in luck! The Clash offers significant feel compared to other leading racquets without compromising power. Also, the stability/flexibility features in this racquet are demonstrated nicely when adding a soft touch to a volley winner or cranking a groundstroke from the baseline. Compatible with all playing styles!

How can I play with the Wilson Clash?
Demo the Wilson Clash 100 or Wilson Clash 100 Tour for free at Towpath Tennis Center during your next lesson or clinic, or make court-time at our demo rate to see what everyone's talking about. Also, Wilson is now offering the Clash Confidence Guarantee if you buy a Wilson Clash by April 15. If you aren't 100% satisfied, return it within 2 months of purchase for a full refund that can be used toward other Wilson gear and equipment that better complement your game.


  1. thank for your writting. I'm also looking for myself a Wilson tennis racket. I will buy it to experience

  2. Hi I currently play with the Wilson juice 100. Would the clash be a natural replacement. Would you also be able to describe the difference between the clash 100 and clash 100 tour in terms of playing style