Monday, August 27, 2018

Gamma string review

Keenen Lambert | Towpath Tennis Contributor | Copley High School Varsity Tennis Player

Towpath staff member, Keenen Lambert,
demos the Gamma Gut 16 and Gamma
Jet 16L strings. 
Our very own Towpath staff member, Keenen Lambert, hit the courts to experiment some of Gamma's newest and most buzzed about strings. The Gamma Gut 16 and Gamma Jet 16L combine the best of innovation and new technology to improve racquet playability and overall comfort. Check out what he has to say about each string and what it can do for your game!

GAMMA GUT 16 - Control and Power, with a fantastic amount of TOUCH
It's back! Trying the Gamma Gut is a must. This string has been relaunched to make a premium string that is great for all levels of players. A beginner will find that it brings an easy amount of control and power. More advanced players will find that the string will provide incredible control from all areas of the court, decent power, and a connection to the ball which not many strings have. You can actually have that nice feeling during your stroke. When you put your power and combine it with this string, you will have some incredible pop. This string would be a great string for a light racquet and would be perfect for those looking for a hybrid cross string.

This string is perfect for most levels of players. For a durable string that will last, has outstanding control, and a lot of spin I would choose the Gamma JET 16L. This Co-Poly string will have you hitting with the perfect combination of power and control. This string is perfect for those who are looking for a string that will last and still gives amazing results! This string is a twisted string that is shaped to give you extra grip on the ball, which in turn provides an amazing amount of spin.

Next time you're due for a restringing (rule of thumb is to string as many times a year as you play a week; ie. 2x/week, 2x/year), ask your pro or our front desk about Gamma's newest strings and see if it gives you the optimum power/control you're looking for!

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