Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tennis Tip: Approaching the net in singles

Katelyn Caniford | Towpath Tennis Pro

One strategy for singles play that is crucial to success is when to come into the net. As a general rule of thumb, you always want to attempt to get to the net as soon as possible to attack your opponent. Being able to combine a strong baseline game with solid net play is not only going to force your opponent into making adjustments, but will frustrate them as well. However, you don’t want to get too eager and come in for no reason or when the time isn’t quite right. Here’s a few short tips on when to come in and put away those shots!
So when should I go to the net? There are usually many different opportunities to come in during the course of a point. However, the most opportune time is most often when your opponent is off balance. How do you achieve this? There are many equally successful ways but if you aren’t quite comfortable with the serve and volley technique yet, try playing it a little safer by hitting a strong and deep approach shot away from your opponent. This will hopefully cause them to struggle to get to the ball. More than likely, the shot you are then going to get back will end up being short. So close in on the net and put away the volley!

One key factor with the approach shots is timing. The easiest chance for you to try and come into the net off of a deep approach shot is when your opponent is hitting balls short into the service boxes. It’s not a bad idea to consider moving in off of these shorter shots because all of your momentum is already moving forward into the net.

Here’s one final tip to remember-every time you are charging the net make sure that you’re following your approach shot in the same direction you hit it. More than likely it’s going to end up coming back to you the same way! 

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