Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to finish strong and win in tennis

Dallas Aleman & Kristianne Bontempo | Towpath Tennis Contributors

Many a times you find yourself ahead in a match only to see it squandered away after thinking you had it in the bag. If this is a pattern or an entirely new challenge you're facing, you're not alone! Even the best pros on tour find themselves in total control of a match only to be bewildered moments later when they realize it's slipping from their grasp. Finishing strong means playing smart, and these following lessons will show you how to do just that! 
Lesson #1 - Never make assumptions. We hear it all the time, "He's under-rated," "I've beat her before," or "They have a bad match record." Statistics and past matches say very little on what's happening in the moment.  
Losing a match you thought you'd win can be 
incredibly discouraging.
"After losing to players I've beaten in the past or when struggling against an opponent others write off as beatable, I used to get angry and upset at myself at how 'crappy' I played. The lesson I eventually learned is to pay attention to what your opponent is doing different, instead of what you're NOT doing."
Lesson #2 - Stay focused! It can be incredibly discouraging when you're big lead becomes a neck and neck battle, but the most important part of being a good competitor is to stay focused in the moment. Even if you're up a set and 5 games, play each point as a new point and one that has to be contested. You must win that one, because taking a breather and relaxing just a bit could be the nail in the coffin.   
"I had a saying when playing a tough match and having problems. I would call out, “climb the mountain,” and remind myself to take one step, or in this case point at a time." 
Lesson #3 - Be a good sport and be prepared for the next match. We often take matches for granted, especially when we're not taking our opponents seriously. If you don't finish strong the first time around, make sure you're prepared to give it your all the next time out. Also, whether you win or lose give your opponent some credit. After all, they were able to finish strong against a tough player like you!
“Commenting on the opposite end of the stick, I once played a match where my team was in last place and my partner was under-rated (a 'sure win' for any opponent), but that day we were on fire and battled to a victorious win! Unfortunately, our opponents didn't see us as comparable competitors (and made sure to make note of it), and stormed off the court embarrassed and unjustified. That kind of unsportsmanlike behavior had taken a hit on my self-esteem, but I keep reminding myself that we played great tennis and finished incredibly strong whereas for our opponents--sore losers!"
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