Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Believing you can win

Dallas Aleman | Towpath Tennis Owner | Tennis Guru

History was made this last week. A Japanese player Kei Nishikori won the Barcelona Clay Court Championships! Nadal, Ferrer and all the other clay court specialist were out. That is the equivalent to having a Japanese basketball team come to the US and win the NBA Championships!  

It just goes to show that no one ever has a lock on winning just because they're seeded. One of the biggest misnomers in tennis is the seeding process. This is especially true for players who are new to the tournament circuit.

The inexperienced player is going to be either intimidated or in awe playing against a top tournament seed, and more often than not, will cave and accept a loss without exploiting all their strengths. The first seed will win on reputation and history alone, which to many players may seem like a cushiony spot in the draw. However, it's the first seed that has the most pressure than anyone else in the tournament since they have a lot to live up to. 

So everyone is asking, "What is wrong with Nadal?" I argue that nothing is wrong with Nadal. He may be ranked #1 in the world, but it's the rest of the field that now believes that they can beat him. This makes holding that slight edge so much harder for him. 

Tennis is all about believing. If you have the belief, heart, and you back it up with practice and play, it will go a long way. 

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