Monday, July 15, 2013

Top 5 misconceptions about tournament play

Kristianne Bontempo | Towpath Tennis Employee | Legit Tennis Fanatic

With the close of Wimbledon and our very own Akron Open around the corner, we can't help but admire what it takes for these players to play in such large scale tournaments--in respect to both levels of play of course. But for many players, they tend to be intimidated by the tournament atmosphere or think only the top players around qualify to participate. There might be a list of other excuses in why they shouldn't participate but today we have a rebuttal on why you should not only play tournaments, but why you might actually LIKE them!

Common misconceptions

1) Single elimination - Unless there's an Open division, there rarely is a single elimination format outside of the ATP Tour, meaning you will always get a second chance. Granted you're 2nd chance may be in the consolation round but hey, a 2nd go at it is better than nothing.

2) Intense mentality - The pressure is on but it's all in your head! If you play more relaxed in leagues then imagine its just another day on the court with your teammates because many of times it is!

3) Individual play - We're used to thinking of tournaments as only singles play because that's what we mainly see on TV. But if singles is not your game or you prefer the team atmosphere, then doubles is an excellent option. Many tournaments offer men's/women's doubles & mixed.

4) It's expensive - On average, apart from the USTA/club fees each player is guaranteed at least 2 rounds of play, receives some sort of appreciative participatory gift (t-shirt, towel, water bottle, etc.), complimentary snacks/beverages is sometimes offered, and trophies are awarded to the winners and runner-ups of each draw (consolation winners may be awarded a trophy as well). Depending on the tournament, winners might win bigger prizes such as tennis bags, rackets, or cash. If you ask us, the money is well worth it!

5) Serious atmosphere - Sure the match may be taken seriously, but the general atmosphere where friends and new court-mates gather around is enjoyable for many involved. If anything it's just a thrill to kick back and enjoy a day of excellent tennis.

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