Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mental Toughness Tip: Positive Body Language

Kristianne Bontempo | Towpath Tennis Employee | Legit Tennis Fanatic

The key to having positive body language is to get yourself into the right mindset, meaning you want a good attitude that exudes confidence. But come on, we've been in those down and out matches and sometimes the only thing keeping you going is the fact that this ugly match is almost over. We don't expect you to perform psychological magic, but do as the pros do--fake it til you make it!

Juvante Johnson keeps alert at Towpath

1) No slouching! Slouching is a sign of defeat so walk around with your shoulders back--even if you are down 0-5.

2) Stop dragging your feet. The last thing you want is for your opponent to see you're tired. Even if your feet feel like bricks, kick them around a bit to prove you still have some gas in the tank.

3) Run don't walk. Every so often, pick up a light jog while retrieving a ball or getting back into ready position. Even in the 5th set of the French Open, we saw Nadal gunning to the baseline after a changeover. This will not only energize you but it will terrify your opponent into thinking you aren't getting enough of a workout from them.

4) Get enthusiastic! If you're playing doubles, your forced enthusiasm can be contagious. Soon your slumping partner will have an extra skip in her step too.

Stick with these tips and before you know it, you're game will rise up to your attitude.

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  1. Positive body language is quite beneficial for every player. It helps to develop our game plan and winning strategies. Most probably body language of a player will bring some good changes in his or her game as it helps to improve the concentration level.