Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do kids who play tennis get better grades?

Dallas Aleman | Towpath Tennis Owner | Tennis Guru

You bet they do! The USTA recently ran a study to demonstrate tennis as more than just a game. They called this nationwide study the USTA Serves 2013 Special Report, More Than a Sport: Tennis, Education and Health.

Pictured from our 2013 High School Doubles Invitational are Brian Carano, Frank Jin, and Gavin & Austin Aten

So what did they find in this study?

Tennis players are better students - They spend more time studying and doing homework, and according to the study 48% of students received an "A" average and 81% plan to attend college.

Tennis players do not get sent to the principal's office - Well at least 73% of students haven't. All in all, these athletes stay out of trouble.

Tennis players are well-rounded - How many junior tennis players do you know that are involved in other extracurricular activities? Results indicate a higher involvement in other sports and clubs, and over 80% of students volunteer for their communities.

Tennis players have better health - You might already know that tennis players are less likely to be overweight but what you might not have known is tennis keeps kids from getting into such unhealthy behaviors as drinking and smoking.

So if you're ever asked if kids who play tennis get better grades, you can tell them absolutely! It goes to say that for the last 10 years of student employees here, the majority have graduated in the top 10 in their class in which all of them received some kind of athletic or academic scholarship. If anything this survey proves that playing tennis can only improve your education and your life. It's unofficially something we knew all along--now it's official!

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  1. Great article. Normally tennis players are less likely to be overweight. Therefore we can understand that playing tennis keep you away from gyms.

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