Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top 10 biggest pet peeves from our local high school tennis coaches

Kristianne Bontempo | Contributor

Our tennis pros biggest pet peeve post was so popular we couldn't resist doing it again, but this time we spoke with our local high school tennis coaches! With their spring season beginning, we asked a number of HS boys coaches what their biggest pet peeves were when it came to coaching high school tennis. Bottom line--players have no idea what high school coaches go through.
  1. Making pre-season indoor court time and having your team not show up/pay 
  2. Sending a detailed text message about practice then receiving a text asking "When's practice coach?"
  3. It could be hurricane conditions yet they still don't wear coats!
  4. Not bringing water again and again and again
  5. Have no prior tennis experience whatsoever but wanting to be in the starting lineup
  6. Throwing tennis balls at each other during practice
  7. Playing spring tennis in a winter wonderland
  8. Scheduling around conflicts between school activities and match/practice times
  9. Arriving to a match with no racquet, one shoe, and a pair of swim trunks
  10. Parents input-sometimes it's best just to trust the coach to do their job!

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