Saturday, April 27, 2013

5 Things to know about beating your fiercest enemy

Dallas Aleman | Towpath Tennis Owner | Tennis Guru

For those of you that really want to get better, you have to beat this fiercest opponent!
Photo: flickr DoIt Tennis
  1. He does not play favorites
  2. Those that know his secrets win
  3. Get closer to him and you have court advantage
  4. He never cracks under pressure
  5. He stands there and mocks you when you make an error
Haven't guessed yet? We're challenging you to beat the net!
We want to guide you in how to overcome a day in the net by following these simple tips:
  1. Aim long - Hitting deep is a fairly easy fix compared to hitting in the net, so avoid short shots and try to aim past the service line. 
  2. For serves and overheads, keep your head up and reach for the ball - A common net error with serves/overheads are when players are dropping their heads when they swing. When you drop you head, you're entire body dips so where do you think the ball is going to go?
  3. Look at the ball when you hit - Simple, if you're looking at the net (or anything else for that matter) then you're not looking at the ball.
  4. Step into the ball if you're playing a slower pace - This is one of the biggest struggles for tennis players overcoming the net (especially for ones that like to hit hard), so move those feet! 
  5. Use topspin - Keep reminding yourself 'low to high'. You may only need a slight brush to give yourself enough clearance over the net.
When it comes to net troubles there could be a range of issues, but practicing these tips might save you a whole lot of frustration. The goal is to learn how to team up with 'the enemy' and force the errors--or just take a pair of scissors and cut a big hole in it.

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