Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome to Towpath's official blogsite!

We started this blog for the purpose of giving more insight on the game from the viewpoint of the average tennis player (who just happens to work at a tennis club). We're not interested in following tournaments or professionals on the ATP tour. We enjoy watching them, but honestly would have to strangle ourselves to talk about players' stats all day.
So as somebody who's been around tennis their entire life and is no stranger to the club scene, we've been bombarded with questions and general inquiries about the game. What makes one string different from the other? How do you deal with an odd match ruling? What if I don't like my doubles partner? Who do we think is the sexiest tennis pro? We've been compiling answers and how-to's for everyone that's asking (well maybe not for that last one). With access to one of the largest pro shops in Ohio, we have first hand knowledge of the hottest equipment and styles currently on court and a full staff of tennis professionals that truly know their material.
We hope you'll keep checking us out since we can talk tennis around the clock, so avoid missing a post by please subscribing. Even the most talented of us might learn a thing or two-who knew tennis could be so interesting!

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