Monday, March 11, 2013

Top 10 biggest pet peeves from our tennis pros

Kristianne Bontempo | Towpath Tennis Employee | Legit Tennis Fanatic

It takes a special person to become a tennis pro. You not only have to know the in’s and out’s of the game (plus it doesn’t hurt to actually be good), but you need a special kind of patience to work week after week, while seeing only the slightest of improvements. Let’s be realistic, nobody’s coming off that court an overnight tennis prodigy.

But we have a special admiration for the tennis pro for everything they do, from scheduling lessons at all hours of the day to always having an optimistic attitude from the moment we step onto the court. They give so much to us that we thought we’d give a little back to them, so we’ve asked our tennis pros to list their top 10 biggest pet peeves. I know it’s hard to believe that they’re ever annoyed, but hey we’ve been guilty of these at some point, so what a great opportunity to find out what to avoid by staying on our favorite tennis pro’s good side.
  1. Negativity - be ready to play because you want to play
  2. Not picking up balls - 3 balls on your racquet doesn’t count
  3. When you say “I can’t” - because you can!
  4. Coming to a lesson sick - coughing, sneezing, regurgitating, stay home
  5. An inside out backhand volley - one word: UG-LY
  6. Asking for advice but then not implementing it - why ask?
  7. When you don’t try - laziness is for the couch
  8. Asking for advice then responding with “I know” - if you knew, you wouldn’t be asking
  9. Getting pegged by a ball - ouch!
  10. Hearing you say, “but my other pro didn’t teach me that” - enough said

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