Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to regrip your tennis racquet

Kristianne Bontempo | Contributor

We often are asked at the tennis desk how to regrip a racquet with an overgrip. It's actually quite easy, so we made a simple tutorial so anyone can do it!

When is it time to regrip? 

When your grip loses its tackiness, is starting to wear off, or looks like this (yuck!)

If your racquet already has an overgrip, start by removing the old one and clean the grip from any sticky residue. 

Now unroll the new overgrip.

Attach the most narrow end of the overgrip to the butt cap of the tennis racquet.

Wind the grip around the racquet. Wind to the right if you're right handed; wind to the left if you're left handed (we went right).

Trim the grip. When you've reached the head of the tennis racquet, cut off any remainder. It helps to draw a line around the grip then cut along this line for an even stopping point.

Fasten the grip. Add the finishing tape to the top of the grip to keep it from unraveling.

You’re done! Your grip should have a nice tacky feel and is now ready for a serious beat-down.  

Installing a replacement grip is almost identical, except some stapling at the butt cap may be required when starting. Otherwise, follow all the same steps as installing an overgrip.

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  1. Hi thanks for the tip ... Is not better to remove the old grip ?

    1. Not for an overgrip, otherwise you'll lose the cushion between your hand at the handle. You definitely will want to remove the original grip if you are using a replacement grip. If you wish to build your grip, you can either use a sleeve that is melted right on to the old grip or use more than one overgrip.

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  8. Your pictorial representation is awesome, it should be more helpful and easy to learn for those are facing language issue of you explain it in a Video.
    Overall you did a great job.. Thumbs up..

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